SEPT/DEC 12 - INDIGO - Zoom Gallery Brussels

Indigo is often called "the seventh colour" of the rainbow. Indeed it lies between blue and purple.The rainbow of colours is the main theme of this photo exhibition of my trip to North India.

I want to share some of my favourite images with you, share these fractions of lives, all these frozen moments with a bitter-sweet taste of eternity. My passion for travelling, the taste of "elsewhere" stimulate my interest and curiosity for places and people. This trip to North India will remain an exceptional experience of unusual colourful encounters.

Rajasthan is undoubtedly the most colourful State of India: flashing shades of local clothing, bright turbans of men in the villages, women wearing traditional saris, colourful spices and necklaces of flowers on the local markets... Like a fairy tale kingdom, Rajasthan is full of magical cities: Jodhpur with blue houses, ochre pink Jaipur, Udaipur with white palaces, Pushkar nestled around its holy lake with multi-coloured reflections of pilgrims performing their ablutions, or Mandawa Haveli with its splendid and unique wall decorations. Memories of impressive forts, sumptuous palaces and inordinate luxury with which the Maharajas surrounded themselves.

The omnipotence and extravagance of the Rajput princes, who made Rajasthan this mythical region, also contributed to its poverty and the economic gap that is now to be reduced. Despite these upheavals, the rainbow of colours is still bright:

"Indi GO !!!!! " could be added to the famous Gandhi quote: "How can we get to know ourselves? Through meditation, never, but by action.“

Enjoy your trip! Vincent